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gefredia nashgefredia nash
12:09 06 Aug 23
Our school ordered a spray for a funeral. It was most definitely not what I ordered. It looked nothing like it. I wanted to cry when I saw it. We paid to have a personalized sash across the spray. . It was not on the spray. We paid almost $300.00 for the spray and sash. It did not look like the others that were labeled from Helen’ s florist.. We researched the other sprays that we saw that were purchased from the other florist in town. They cost the same or less and they looked just like the picture online or better. We are not from the area. We are from out of town. We tried to reach out to the Hall’s florist regarding our discontentment. We called the shop all day on that SATURDAY regarding the spray. No one answered the telephone. We are so disappointed with the product. We really wanted to honor our teacher in a special way.
Hannah DrakeHannah Drake
20:20 06 Jun 23
I needed a beautiful birthday arrangement for my Mom's birthday and after seeing all the positive reviews, I went with Hall's Gift and Treasures Floral Design for an out of state order. I'm so glad I did! I placed an order on the website and Jackie gave me a call to keep me updated on the delivery process. Let me tell you, not only was the customer service amazing but my Mom loved her birthday flowers! Absolutely gorgeous! You made her day! Thank you Jackie! I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Katharine HalpinKatharine Halpin
21:34 27 May 22
Just received this magnificent arrangement delivered to us. 5 sterling roses, 2 sunflowers, lilies, and some flowers that will last weeks. It is a gorgeous arrangement.
Toni StanchfieldToni Stanchfield
14:32 03 Sep 21
Elizabeth BerryElizabeth Berry
03:24 09 May 21
Stephanie FisherStephanie Fisher
15:08 28 Jan 19
We had an unexpected family death, and we were all so wrapped up in dealing with all of the stuff that nobody remembered to order flowers for the service. I came in around lunch time in a panic because her service started around 5, I think. The family was so kind and helpful, and the owner put together the most beautiful arrangement to go around her urn. It was gorgeous, and he did in no time and with the utmost respect and kindness. It has been months, and I am still thinking about that kindness. So please go to Hall's! They will treat you right!
Thelma MeridethThelma Merideth
16:26 05 Feb 18
I've been very pleased with Jacke's arrangements. Every one that I've sent them to have just loved them so much. Thank you Jacke for being such a wonderful florist. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!
Fantastic. Great customer service. Ordered fromout of state by phone.Could not have had a better experience.Thanks Mr. Hall.
Alisa RitchieAlisa Ritchie
17:00 10 Apr 17
I had nothing but the best treatment at Hall's gift and floral design. I ordered online, they didn't have an easy task, created a beautiful bouquet and delivered! They went above and beyond any other florists I was trying to get to deliver to same place/occasion. They were less expensive as well! Thank you Hall's!